UniFeather TurtlePlotBot

TurtlePlotBots are inexpensive educational 3D printed drawing robots inspired by MakersBox’s Arduino Chassis for Drawing Robot. A TurtlePlotBot can be easily built in a couple of hours and offers a fun environment to learn python programming and robotics.


Say “Hello!” to my little friend!

A TurtlePlotBot is built around a MicroPython or CircuitPython capable microcontroller, an interface board, 3D printed parts, 28BYJ-48 stepper motors, MG90S mini servo and other small parts. The UniFeatherBot uses a Feather M4 Express module from Adafruit and a Unipolar Feather interface board.

The TurtlePlotBot software is modular and written in MicroPython or CircuitPython. The main module is the the turtleplot module, it contains the methods needed to turn turtle graphics commands into simple robot movements. The unifeatherbot module provides the hardware interface between the turtleplot module and robots hardware.

You can use the turtleplot module to run a turtleplotbot of your own design by writing a bot module without having to write all the python code for each of the turtle graphics commands.

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